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Black Wooly Bugger

September 12th 2010.

So this is another classic fly I like. Might be able to get these commercially, but I originally wanted to update the regular Wooley Bugger with a egg like head. Its gotten plenty of salmon, guess it imitates a minnow or leach with a salmon egg moving around. Aggravates them to no end and they just have to try and nab it.

What you will need.

  • A hook, I'm using Gamakatsu like most of the time.
  • Black Thread.
  • Black Saddle
  • Black Chenille
  • Epoxy.

I like to keep this fly very simple. As such This is what I generally do.

First get a fly and put a first wrap base layer on your hook.

So tye down the black saddle and cut off the excess. I generally use 3 pieces.

Tye on the chenille.

The left over saddle, to be used as part of the body.

Tye on the black saddle as well.

Wrap around the chenille in one wrap across for the body and tye it down and cut the extra.

Wrap around the saddle and tye it down and cut the extra.

Take a small piece of pink chenille and tye it down.

Wrap it around to a ball and tye it down, then cut off the excess. Whip knot it, and epoxy it and your done. Sometimes I like to trim the body's so the feather is not as big as it appears in that picture. Sometimes I do not. Both methods work equally well. So don't worry if its big and you want it smaller for your fly box!

Dimitrios Simitas