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GR/YL Streamer

September 12th 2010.

So this is another simple one, I only ended up starting to tye them when the pretty inexpensive source of commercial versions dried up. Anyways its your basic Mylar bodied streamer with 2 feathers required only.

You will require:

  • 1 Hook ... doesn't matter too much this time I am using Gamakatsu hooks, I like them.
  • Black Thread
  • Yellow Strung Saddle
  • Chartreuse Strung Saddle
  • Lead Wire 15 thou
  • And of course some epoxy.

So first you'll need to put the hook in your vice.

Now put your black thread on, and run a single wrap of black thread.

The roll of 15 thou lead wire, only need 2 whole unwindings to get approximately 3/4 of the hooks shank of lead.

Tie down the wire and move your thread to the front to get it out of the way.

So I am skipping ahead, the lead is wrapped up, as is the mylar. I hope its not too hard to follow, as they are visible the way its done so should not confuse anyone.

Take 2 pieces of Green and 1 of yellow and layer them with the yellow in the middle.

Tye it down at the end of the lead and mylar with your thread. Length is not super critical, however I like to keep more past the shank then whats is between the tye down and the shanks end as shown.

Cut the extra feathers in front of the tye down point.

Create a head using your thread.

Whip knot it and apply epoxy. And your done!

Dimitrios Simitas