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Messy Streamer

September 12th 2010
This is the Messy Streamer. A very quick and simple to tye fly.

You'll need:

  • Black (or any other color thread)
  • Mylar Silver ribbon #14 (you can substitute another size)
  • Lead Wire .020"
  • Strung Marabou Chartreuse
  • Krystal Flash Chartreuse

I'm using a Aberdeen hook, since I never pay attention to the number of the hook, its got a 3/4" straight shank before the bend, I think a #4 or #6 if I remember right.

So put the hook on your fly tying vice and lets get to work.

Once you got the hook on your vice put some thread as backing along the flat length of the shank of the hook.

Now take a piece of lead, about 1 1/2" long and fold it in half. Open the fold and turn a couple of threads in the corner at the back side of the fly. And lay the thread on the sides of the shank up till the head. Now you can wrap the mylar on the hook.

Tye some of the Marabou onto the hook 1/8" from the eye.

Tye the little bit from the front backwards.

Do the same with the Flash and build a head with the thread.

Use your do-hicky (whip knot tool) and cut the thread. And there you have it. Took longer to type this post then it did to make the thing. :lol:

There you go, you just finished your fly. Pretty simple isn't it?

Dimitrios Simitas