About Me


One of the driving forces in updating and adding content to the website is the fact that I love MIT's Open Courseware, very helpful in learning the basics of topics you may never have the chance to learn any other way. Its a very good model of what can be shared between people as a means to better everyone as a whole. The ability to not only think logically but to also share our knowledge though speech and writing is evolution of mankind for thousands of years.

Hopefully people will find my site helpful enough that if they have even a passing interest in machining and manufacturing they'd consider learning more, perhaps by taking a couple of part time courses to learn the practical side. Or if your taking a course or a full college program, perhaps my site can help you learn a little more clearly if you do not understand the explanation used by someone else. We all learn differently and the more resources we have to learn from its always a good thing.

Dimitrios Simitas