This is my "bread and butter" page. The most visited page from the old site, and the most popular one.

I am sure your thinking to yourself, "now there is some machining content" you were looking for based on the name of my site. Truth be told, I wish to start a small machine shop eventually hence the name. Although I probably wont have commercial content on here for a long while, I will be posting various projects and pages on things that may be interesting. My site over time will still remain a more educational site then a commercial one none the less.

Token produced with my die from the T143 project.

A little about me relating to machining and manufacturing in general. I went to George Brown College after high school for their 2 year T143 - Mechanical Technology Tool & Die Program. I graduated in 2007 with honors and went to work in a machine shop. Currently I am back at the same college, taking the T121 - Mechanical Engineering Design Program.

I know they say manufacturing in general is dead, but they said the same thing when the first screw cutting lathes were made, that the machinist needed is just a "operator" because of the automatic feed rates would remove the skills involved for the job. We have evolved and the industry is still alive, CNC was said to do the same and it did not happen just added another skill set for the machinist's tool box to learn. Over time we will evolve again, or at least I hope so, I may be young but I am not ready to give up on the industry.

I hope you enjoy the website and don't forget to check out "You know your a machinist when..." which has always been the most visited page.

Dimitrios Simitas