Jo Block Use

This section will describe some different uses of gage blocks in the shop. Although not a comprehensive listing of all their uses, I have focused on checking of a machinists instruments and using the instruments as gages to check other parks after setting them up with the Gage blocks.

To start off with, I will show a Inch Gage block set, this specific one is from Mitutoyo and produced in Japan.

As you can see it comes with a Certificate of Inspection and in the next photograph it shows the specific listing of the actual sizes of the gage block set. This set was purchased as a 81 Gage block set.

Depending on the accuracy required for the work its always best to consult the real measured sizes of the blocks, especially when using many blocks to create the stack. Depending on the tolerances involved, the stack may not suit your needs and therefor need to be built up using the actual sizes and not just the listed size on the block.

The following pages will discuss various different methods of using them, using this near new gage block set as a reference.

Dimitrios Simitas