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Squaring a Vice

When ever using a mill one must always remember to square the vice. Additionally you must remember to square the head which will be talked about in the following page.

Although not complicated, the goal of squaring the vice is so that one may run a indicator from one side of the jaw to the other without the indicator moving. Using a parallel that has been clamped on the vice is also a popular method as it gives you a indication of the movement of the part compared to the movement of the machine table.

As you can see, I connected the magnetic base to the mills spindle. Remember however to lock the spindle in place so that the spindle wont turn, because if it will turn you will not be able to get a accurate reading of the mill vice.

Also by connecting it to the spindle, you are indicating the table relative to the travel your tool (end mill etc) will take as you are machining. Conveniently the V shape on the bottom of most magnetic bases is a good fit to your standard knee mill spindle diameter.

Dimitrios Simitas