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TPL0501 - Digital Pot.

The TPL0501 is a digital potometer that is included in the TPL0501EVM Booster Pack for the LaunchPad Development Platform.
The unit I recieved appears to have came with a faulty or non-programmed MSP430G2553, so in a attempt to figure out if it was the MSP or the TPL's on the board that were dead I wrote this code (my first SPI code for the MSP430), which appears to do nothing, other then the fact it set the value from 0 that it was initially set with to 255, so from reading effectively no voltage I was able to now read a voltage of 3.0V. So there is life in the TPL0501's on the board.
Note that if you cycle this too fast, you'll end up reading a voltage that is equal to the RMS similar to AC or PWM signals on your voltmeter and not the actual measurement of what is comming out. On the debugger if you pause the program you will end up seeing the "true" voltage appear on your multimeter.
Below is the working code thanks to Gordon's help in trouble shooting what I did wrong with the SPI configuration of the G2553.
Dimitrios Simitas,
Dec 18, 2011, 5:32 PM