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Lego Figures

posted Aug 24, 2015, 6:17 PM by Dimitrios Simitas
August 24th 2015

Due to popular demand, I have taken close ups of all the figures that came with the Millennium Falcon.

BB-8, the "soccer ball".

The completed figure. And below, the Stud on top design of the base piece.

Han Solo, the "Old man".

This face makes him look really old.

Rey, the "female Luke".

Tasu Leech, the new Lando.

Kanjiklub Gang Member, the "Pirate".

No face printing as you can see on the back.

Finn, the "Turncoat".

Chewbacca, the "Ageless". Same as many of the more new sets. Nothing really new to see with the figure itself.

Upclose of the neat Wookie bowcaster, and I don't even like stud shooters.

Hope this helps to those who asked for it.

Dimitrios Simitas