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Lego Star Wars 75105 - Millennium Falcon

posted Aug 23, 2015, 6:07 PM by Dimitrios Simitas
August 23, 2015

    So with the much anticipated release of the new Star Wars sets, I was browsing my local Walmarts and Toys-R-Us stores. A couple of days ago I found the price listings at a Walmart to the east of me. Today, with my buddy, we found the new Millennium Falcon in all it's glory.

New 75105!

The box is fairly big, with some heft to it, considering it's a little over 1,300 pieces.

Back of Box

The back of the box in all it's glory. Showing the top canopy of the Falcon opened up.

Close up of the Interior

A close up of the interior as shown on the back of the box.

The new style missile launchers integrated into the front of the Falcon.

Both Turrets

Both turrets, top and bottom.

Gunner Stations

The Gunner stations.

Space Chess

Can't forget the space chess. And Chewie's inability to lose.

Smuggler compartment

The Smuggler compartment.

The ramp.

The cockpit

And the tiny cockpit.

Now that the basic box images are out of the way, let's get on with the review of the Lego set itself.

The package contents.

All 9 bags, and an unmarked bag, that is mainly with bag 1 components. Also, the binding on the manual isn't a typical stapled affair. It's bound like the Lego star wars books you can find in the book section for kids to read.

Sticker Sheet

The Sticker sheet. Not too many, and because it was packed with the book, stayed flat. Unlike the sticker sheet of my recently built Death Star that was crushed with the bags of Lego.

Charactor Sheet

Oh and a surprise for all of you, the Character poster in the instruction manual.

Bag 1 completed build.

Fairly standard with Lego's new construction methods, lots of pins and assemblies with flat tiles to give it a surface.

Bag 2

Other then some of the obvious things such as the chairs, chess table, and beds, it seemed to be a collection of parts thrown around into the area to give it substance.

Bag 3 started to give the ship depth. And gave us what we wanted to see ...

The front of the now old man.

And the back.

As you can see, the sides are designed with parts "floating" using the hook method.

Bag 4 continued what bag 3 started.

Bag 5 gave us the full depth of the ship ...

It also gave us this ...

The tube however was a little short, and did not extend from stud to the proper stud.

Bag 6 gave us this adorable soccer ball.

Two simple pieces, not much to him, and he doesn't balance well when not on a stud. A slight breeze, from something like my fan will topple him.

With Han Solo.

You can see the cockpit, seemingly too small to hold any seats for the figures, and no door way into the rest of the ship. Limiting it like the Ghost set with the cockpit isolated from the rest of the craft.

Random interior shots for people to enjoy build during bags 2 to 7 ....

The two, "handled" pieces is what the platform for the gunners slides up and down on. With the two black hooks allowing you to lift up the gun to get to them.

The hidden compartment.

The 4 legs are fixed in their positions.

Bag 8 built the canopy for the most part.

And Bag 9 completed the ship!

Final thoughts.

Other then being able to pick up the set 2 weeks early, which was great. Let's focus on the building of the set itself.

Playability – 9/10: This set gives you a big "wooosh" factor, seems sturdy, and when opened up gives you a playable area for the mini-figures, something we are lacking with most sets. Lot's of "wooosh" and no play locations in most of the current line up. 
Minifigures – 10/10: Not sure how the minifigures will play out with regards to the new movie. But it's got what appears to be a few hero's and a few villains to play with. Instant 10 for the older Han Solo and the new updated Wookie bowcaster. And this is coming from someone who hates the stud guns that come in the battle backs.

Design – 8/10: Lot's of non-linear building involved, compared to classic Lego. Other then Bag 2, everything made relative sense, and the ship turned out looking design of what it should be.

Price --- 8/10: $180 CAD, a little more steep, as I believe the last MF was $150, but our dollar dropped during the same time period.

Overall --- 9/10

It's a good set, and far more playable then many. For AFOL's, it also has the benefit that it looks like it would display well in a non-playable setting.

Dimitrios Simitas